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"One cannot be too scrupulous, too sincere, too submissive before nature." -- Cesané

About The Photographer

Zoran Spasojević is a mathematician with a passion for photography. He has been involved in the art of photography for over 25 years, ever since he came to the USA from his native Serbia.

Further education towards the doctorate and two subsequent post-doctoral positions in mathematics brought Zoran extensive journeys and trips around the world, to which he always took his camera and camping gear. While he held a post-doctoral position in mathematics at MIT, Zoran also taught classes in nature photography at the same school. With the advent of high resolution digital cameras he has began to explore the details of nature seldom seen by a casual passer-by. Nature photography is his great passion.

The second phase of Zoran's photographic expression came after he had children and chose not to travel as extensively as before. But the love for photography was still there; he just transferred his interests towards people photography, and later, food photography.

Zoran regularly exhibits his work in galleries in Boston area.